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Rent arrears

The Wrekin Housing Group has a responsibility to ensure that all payments are made in line with ‘tenants obligations’ under your tenancy agreement. We will make sure that you can make payments conveniently and in a variety of ways; we will always offer advice and assistance if you experience difficulty in making payments. We will take prompt and firm recovery action against persistent non-payers.

Income Management Service Standards

Our commitment to you

We will take a firm but fair approach to tenants who owe money to us and offer you the choice of how to make payments.

These can be made by:-

  • Direct Debit on any day, weekly or monthly. Direct Debit is our customers’ preferred method of payment.
  • Paying on the Customer Portal. Follow the link from the front page of our website, log in to your account and enter the details of your payment card. Call 01952 217100 to register on the Customer Portal.
  • Paying using Allpay. Follow the link from the front page of our website, log in with the long number on your Easy Pay rent card, and enter the details of your payment card. Alternatively download the free allpay app for your Apple or Android smartphone.
  • Paying over the phone by calling 01952 217111. If you have an allpay easypay rent card you can also use the automated service. Lines are open seven days a week, 8am to 8pm.
  • Bank Standing Order.
  • Internet Banking. If you bank online quote the sort code 20-86-86 and account number (10748366 for tenants and 60708062 for leaseholders). Also provide your account name and tenancy reference number.
  • With an Easy Pay rent card at your local Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

We will provide you with access to your rent account / statement 24 hours a day via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Call 01952 217100 to register or visit your Customer Portal.

We will give you every opportunity to ask for advice and assistance to discuss any difficulties that you may have with keeping your payments up to date.

We will offer you access to a team of Welfare Benefit Advisors who offer a free and confidential service to anyone who needs help with finding out what benefits you may be entitled to.

If you fall into debt, we will get in touch with you immediately either by telephone, letter or a visit to your home.

Universal Credit

If your rent is currently paid direct to the Group from Housing Benefit, this will be paid in arrears and will stop when you move onto Universal Credit. You will then be responsible for paying the full rent direct to the Group. The Group will contact you when you make a claim to Universal Credit and will discuss an affordable payment plan with you that will move you to paying your rent in advance, as per your tenancy agreement.


If your account falls into debt, we will:

  • Start our arrears process ensuring we maintain contact with you if you have made a claim to Universal Credit and are awaiting your first payment
  • Take legal action against you which may lead to you losing your home if payment is not received
  • Prevent you from getting a transfer to another property
  • Not allow you to rent a garage
  • Take the opportunity to talk to you about your outstanding balance even if you have contacted us about a different matter

When you contact us, we will:

  • Reply to your written enquiries within five working days
  • Give you a contact name and a telephone numbers in letters we send to you

You have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure that your rent payments are paid in advance in accordance with your tenancy agreement and that all other balances are clear on your account.
  • Contact us straight away on 01952 217100 if you have any difficulties paying so that we can advise and help you at an early stage before the arrears become out of control.