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National Standards

Here's a summary of the National Standards we work to.

Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard

1 Required outcomes

1.1 Customer service, choice and complaints

Registered providers shall:

(a) provide choices, information and communication that is appropriate to the diverse needs of their tenants in the delivery of all standards

(b) have an approach to complaints that is clear, simple and accessible that ensures that complaints are resolved promptly, politely and fairly.

1.2 Involvement and empowerment

Registered providers shall ensure that tenants are given a wide range of opportunities to influence and be involved in:

(a) the formulation of their landlord’s housing related policies and strategic priorities

(b) the making of decisions about how housing related services are delivered, including the setting of service standards

(c) the scrutiny of their landlord’s performance and the making of recommendations to their landlord about how performance might be improved

(d) the management of their homes, where applicable

(e) the management of repair and maintenance services, such as commissioning and undertaking a range of repair tasks, as agreed with landlords, and the sharing in savings made, and

(f) agreeing local offers for service delivery.

1.3 Understanding and responding to the diverse needs of tenants

Registered providers shall:

(a) treat all tenants with fairness and respect

(b) demonstrate that they understand the different needs of their tenants, including in relation to the equality strands and tenants with additional support needs.

Home Standard

1 Required outcomes

1.1 Quality of accommodation

Registered providers shall:
(a) ensure that tenants’ homes meet the standard set out in section five of the Government’s Decent Homes Guidance1 and continue to maintain their homes to at least this standard

(b) meet the standards of design and quality that applied when the home was built, and were required as a condition of publicly funded financial assistance, if these standards are higher than the Decent Homes Standard

(c) in agreeing a local offer, ensure that it is set at a level not less than these standards and have regard to section six of the Government’s Decent Homes Guidance.

1.2 Repairs and maintenance

Registered providers shall

(a) provide a cost-effective repairs and maintenance service to homes and communal areas that responds to the needs of, and offers choices to, tenants, and has the objective of completing repairs and improvements right first time

(b) meet all applicable statutory requirements that provide for the health and safety of the occupants in their homes.

Tenancy Standard

1 Required outcomes

1.1 Allocations and mutual exchange

1.1.1 Registered providers shall let their homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way. They shall take into account the housing needs and aspirations of tenants and potential tenants. They shall demonstrate how their lettings:

(a) make the best use of available housing

(b) are compatible with the purpose of the housing

(c) contribute to local authorities’ strategic housing function and sustainable communities

There should be clear application, decision-making and appeals processes.

1.1.2 Registered providers shall enable their tenants to gain access to opportunities to exchange their tenancy with that of another tenant, by way of internet-based mutual exchange services.

1.2 Tenure

1.2.1 Registered providers shall offer tenancies or terms of occupation which are compatible with the purpose of the accommodation, the needs of individual households, the sustainability of the community, and the efficient use of their housing stock.

1.2.2 They shall meet all applicable statutory and legal requirements in relation to the form and use of tenancy agreements or terms of occupation.

Neighbourhood and Community Standard

1 Required outcomes

1.1 Neighbourhood management

Registered providers shall keep the neighbourhood and communal areas associated with the homes that they own clean and safe. They shall work in partnership with their tenants and other providers and public bodies where it is effective to do so.

1.2 Local area co-operation

Registered providers shall co-operate with relevant partners to help promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing in the areas where they own properties.

1.3 Anti-social behaviour

Registered providers shall work in partnership with other agencies to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhoods where they own homes.

Rent Standard

1 Required outcome

  • Registered providers shall charge rents in accordance with the government’s direction to the regulator of May 2014 and the Rent Standard Guidance.

We also operate with a Tenants' Charter and produce regular reports on our Operational Performance.