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Central heating

New central heating systems are more reliable and efficient and can help reduce heating costs. Old heating systems may have parts that are no longer available, making them difficult to repair if they break down.

When will my central heating system be renewed?

When a tradesperson has reported that your central heating system is uneconomical to repair or parts are no longer available.

Is my central heating going to be upgraded?

If your central heating system has been identified as needing to be upgraded, a surveyor from The Wrekin Housing Group/Trust will contact you to arrange a visit. This is to discuss whether you will need a full central heating upgrade or just a new boiler.

They will also discuss with you the position of the boiler and any new radiators. If your central heating needs to be upgraded, the surveyor will arrange a time with you to have the work done.

It usually takes one day to change a boiler and three days to install a complete central heating system. We may also have to do some minor work afterwards. If new radiators are being installed, they may be smaller than the existing ones, so your decoration may get a little damaged.

You will have to do any redecoration needed, and unfortunately we do not offer decoration vouchers for this. This is because we want to use our available money to offer a reliable and efficient heating system to as many tenants as possible.

Who will be doing the work?

The Group uses our own Gas Team or an external contractor to carry out its boiler/central heating installation programmes.

If the Group employs external contractors to carry out its boiler/heating systems installation programmes, they are appointed contractors who have many years experience working in the social sector.

How do I know that I’m giving access to the right people?

Whenever a contractor comes to your home, please ask them to produce their identity card.

Accessing your property

If you are out when the contractor calls round, they will leave a card with a phone number for you to call to arrange another appointment.

What do I need to do before the work starts?

If a new boiler is going to be fitted in your airing cupboard, you will need to ensure that your airing cupboard is empty.

If radiators are being fitted, you will need to move your furniture and belongings out of the way so that the new radiators and pipe work can be installed. Our trade’s operatives will help with any heavy furniture on the day of the installation.

Other work we may need to do beforehand

The surveyor may find that other work needs to be done before your central heating is upgraded.

If so, we may not have any control over when this work is done, so we ask you to be patient and we will keep you informed of progress. This other work may include:

  • Asbestos removal - we may need to do an asbestos survey on your property and if we find any, we may need to remove it, but we’ll let you know if we do.
  • Gas supply - you may not have a gas supply to your home. We will contact Transco and, where possible, get a supply to your property. This usually takes at least eight weeks. When the supply has been fitted you will need to choose a company to supply your gas and ask them for a meter. The telephone numbers for gas suppliers are in your local Yellow Pages — we advise you to shop around for the best deal.

What happens during the work?

The tradesperson will cover the work area with dust sheets to keep the mess to a minimum, although this kind of work is sure to cause some mess. The contractors will need to roll back carpets, lift floorboards and run cables in your home.

After the work is complete

Soon after the work has finished, the surveyor will call again to check the work. They will make a note of anything that doesn’t meet the standard we expect for our tenants, and will put right. Twelve months after your central heating was installed, you will be sent a letter to arrange an annual safety check.

It is a legal requirement you let the tradesperson from the Gas Team into your home every year to service your central heating system and carry out the safety check.

Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

Please call the contact number on your letter or ask for the Gas Team on 01952 217100.

If you would like to give feedback see the compliment and complaints page.