Making a Difference
to people's lives

Housing Support

If you are a tenant or a home owner, we can help you stay in your home and run it properly. We can also offer mediation for certain tenants.

All sorts of things can cause problems with your tenancy, including:
  • Trouble with your neighbours
  • Understanding your tenancy agreement
  • Managing money
  • Keeping your living space safe
  • Claiming benefits
  • Organising your day
You may find it hard to deal with letters and phone calls and we can help you with that.
We can also help support you through difficult times, help you build your confidence and help you learn to live independently.
We call this service Floating Support, and its aim is to help people like you stay in your home and avoid being made homeless.

How to get help
To get help, contact us on 01743 341900

Mediation: Help with neighbour disputes

One of the most effective ways of resolving disputes is with the help of an independent mediator, who can act impartially and not take sides.

Mediation is a voluntary process that gives all parties a chance to express their views and to be heard. The mediator will help the parties come up with an agreement that is decided by them rather than being imposed by others.

For further details about our mediation service, click here.

Tenancy Sustainment Service
This tailored service gives practical help on a range of things including:
  • Budgeting
  • Furniture
  • Saving for rent
  • Dealing with debts
  • How to manage money
To contact the team email or call 01952 217283

Money Matters Team
We offer a free expert welfare benefit advice service to Wrekin Housing Group tenants, to help deal with debts or advice if you are struggling with fuel costs.
Find out more on 01952 217234