Making a Difference
to people's lives

Dina Jeram, Learning and Development Executive

Dina Jeram - Learning and Development Executive, joined the Group in 1999.

For Wrekin's 25 year anniversary in March, we caught up with staff who've been with us since the very beginning, asking about their Wrekin journey and highlights over the years.

Dina talks about how the training landscape has changed during her time at Wrekin. The most interesting part of Dina's role has been the way that training and development has progressed and evolved over the years: “When I first joined there was no training department so it was all new. We were starting the processes from scratch, working everything out as a team. It was such an exciting time.”

Living and breathing the values while delivering training rubbed off on people, with many changing their attitudes towards it. Rather than being a chore, it became something to look forward to. “I’d say the biggest culture change was training with the trades. They went from thinking their time would be better on the tools to being enthusiastic about it, it was so rewarding to be part of that amazing journey.”

Like many others, Dina’s biggest take away was how friendly and kind others were: “Everyone was so helpful. You could walk into any office and anyone would be willing to help.”

Dina is modest when talking about her achievements in the department, whereas the reality is that her coaching and development of others has meant she’s really made a difference to people’s lives.