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Customer Assurance Panel

Group's Purpose

Quote from involved resident Margery

The Customer Assurance Panel was introduced in 2011 to work in partnership with Wrekin, to ensure that they provide the best service possible with the available resources. They give extra assurance to residents, employees and the regulator that Wrekin is operating as it should.

The Customer Assurance Panel does this by scrutinising the performance of the Together with Tenants, Tenants’ Charter standards, which comprises Wrekin’s Local Standards and in addition the National standards. These standards cover all aspects of the organisation.

The panel scrutinise all available information and interview employees to gather the evidence they need to influence and positively challenge the organisation.

How often do they meet?

Dependant on the scrutiny schedule, the panel will meet at least once a month. Additional meetings will be called as necessary. The group also holds an annual review, during which officer roles are elected.

Who’s involved?

Any tenant or resident of Wrekin can be a member, but the panel is limited to 8 members.

The quorum for a meeting is 3 members. Please see the full terms of reference for more information.

The Group’s current Chair is Roger Woodward, who is also on the Customer Voice Panel.

Would you like to get involved?

You do not have to have any experience as training and opportunities to attend events is provided.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and new members, so if you are interested and an enthusiastic person who wants to represent our diverse customers then please contact David Lewis or call 01952 217181.