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Tenants' Panel

Group's Purpose

Quote from Roger - Involved Resident

The Tenants’ Panel was formed in 1999, in the early days of Wrekin. Over the years, panel members have been advocates for the wider tenant body in the design and delivery of services to tenants, residents and service users. The groups aim is to represent other tenants by using customer intelligence to influence and positively challenge the organisation.

Together, the group have a vast knowledge and experience of Wrekin, including strategy work and policies with the customer in mind. As such, they have implemented a more proactive policy review system.

The Tenants’ Panel work with all areas of the organisation and has various sub groups, such as: The Tenant Repair group, Editorial group and they sit on the Income Management Improvement Board. This enables them to put forward the views of customers to ensure Wrekin has them at the heart of every decision.

How often do they meet?

The group meets a minimum of ten times a year, with additional meetings held if necessary. The group also holds an annual review, during which officers roles are elected.

Who’s involved?

Any tenant of Wrekin can be a member with the exception of Leaseholders. The group comprises of no more than 17 voting members at any one time. This includes:

  • Up to 14 full members
  • Up to 3 co-opted members

The quorum for a meeting of the Tenants’ Panel is five voting members. Please see the full terms of reference for more information.

The Group’s current Chair is Laura Hilditch and Mo Edwards is Vice Chair, both people also sit on the Customer Voice Panel.

Would you like to get involved?

You do not have to have any experience as training and opportunities to attend events is provided.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and new members, so if you are interested and an enthusiastic person who wants to represent our diverse customers then please email David Lewis or call 01952 217181.