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National Standards

Here's a summary of the National Standards we work to.

1 April 2024 saw the introduction of a change to how social housing landlords are regulated. The Social Housing Regulation Act has brought a move to pro-active inspections for all customer facing services.

The revised standards that apply to all landlords cover:

  • Safety and quality of homes – such as how well we know your home, how things like damp and mould are handled and how homes are kept safe
  • Neighbourhoods and communities – looks at how well we work in partnership with others to keep neighbourhoods safe and well maintained. This also considers how well we manage Anti Social Behaviour and the support we, and partners, offer where customers may face domestic abuse
  • Tenancy – considers how we let our homes, how we manage mutual exchanges and the types of tenancies that customers have and how these are managed
  • Transparency, influence and accountability – this standard looks at how customers can get involved in a range of ways to influence Wrekin services and decisions. It also considers how effectively services are tailored to our customers diverse needs, how performance information is shared with customers to allow scrutiny of services and how services are communicated. Complaints handling is also part of this standard and is also covered by the Housing Ombudsman Service Code of Complaints Handling (revised April 2024). This standard also covers the Tenant Satisfaction Measures – this covers how landlords, like Wrekin, collect 22 performance measures about how satisfied customers are with a range of services and data on how quickly repairs are done and that safety checks are routinely done.

Alongside the new standards is a Code of Practice that sets out more detail on how the standards should be met.

These revised standards are in addition to the rent standard. This requires that providers charge rents in accordance with the government’s direction to the regulators and Rent Standard Guidance.

Full details on the standards can be found on the Regulator of Social Housing’s website.