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Permission for home improvements

Homeowners and Shared Owners

Homeowners and shared owners, if you wish to do improvement work to your home, you may need to get our permission first.

Why do I need to get Permission?

When you bought your home, you agreed to get our written permission before doing any work that may affect the structure of the building. This is stated in the transfer document or lease you signed for your home.

We will not unreasonably withhold permission, but you must not start any work until we have assessed your proposed improvements and given you our written permission.

Conditions required for any improvements

Keep to health-and-safety regulations for gas and electrical work, and for work that may remove or disturb asbestos.

You are responsible for getting any planning permission and building regulations approval needed.

How do I get permission?

To apply for our permission please contact us to request an application, complete and return the form to the address on the form. We will aim to give you our written decision within 14 days.

You must not start any work until you have received our written permission to go ahead.