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A guide to your tenancy

Tenants’ responsibilities

  • Pay rent on time.
  • Keep your home clean and
  • Maintain gardens.
  • Maintain hedges.
  • Maintain Trees.
  • Maintain fences (further information available under repairs).
  • Be a good neighbour.
  • Contact the Group with change of circumstances.
  • Contact your local Housing Benefits team with your change of circumstances.
  • You must use the premises as your only or main home.
  • Make alterations with prior written permission from the Group.
  • Be responsible for your Housing benefit claim.
  • Report repairs.
  • Give access for the annual gas safety check.
  • Do not use your home for immoral purposes.
  • If planning on running a business from home, ensure you get prior consent from the Group.
  • Tell us in advance if you will be away for more than 28 days at a time.
  • Allow access for employees or contractors to make inspections or carry out work.

Please ensure that these responsibilities are being met, so you are not in breach of your tenancy conditions.


We provide communal parking areas for flats and Retirement Living. Any on-street parking is the council’s responsibility. You must not keep vehicles in your garden unless they are parked on a hard standing, (if you need to drop kerbs, you should contact the council). If you wish to construct a hard standing or a garage, you must get our permission first (please see information under Landlord’s permission). Please note: it is not the responsibility of the Group to provide parking.

Running a business from your home or garage

The Group encourages people to get back into work. If you are thinking of running your own business from your home or garage, you must apply in writing to the Group. We will than carry out an assessment, including its effect on your neighbours. You should also contact the council to check if you would need planning permission.

Illegal use of your home or garage

You must not use your home or garage for any illegal purposes, such as dealing in drugs, prostitution, storing stolen goods or keeping unlicensed firearms. We take these matters very seriously and will take steps to evict any tenant who uses their home in this way, or who commits a serious crime in or near the property.