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When a tenant dies, in some cases certain members of the family may have the right to take over their tenancy. This is called succession.

Succession can only happen once. If somebody succeeds to a tenancy, they cannot pass it on to anybody else.

Note: If you hold an Assured shorthold tenancy or Fixed term tenancy with the Group, only remaining joint tenants and spouses or partners living with them at the time of death can succeed. For further guidance please contact your local Group shop on 01952 217100

Who can succeed a tenancy?

Joint tenants

If you hold a joint tenancy and a tenant dies, the surviving tenant will automatically become the sole tenant.

Sole tenants

If you are a sole tenant who dies, then your husband, wife or partner living with you at the time of your death will automatically succeed to the tenancy. This will apply to all couples, including same sex couples, whether or not they are married or in a civil partnership.

Children 18 years of age and over

If you are a tenant who dies and have no husband, wife or partner, one of your children can succeed to the tenancy as long as they were living there at the time of the death, and had lived there for at least 12 months before the death. Although they will succeed to the tenancy, it may not be the tenancy of the same property – we may ask them to continue their tenancy at a different property.

Children under 18

If you die and leave children under the age of 18, they may be able to succeed to the tenancy even though still a minor. A minor can hold an equitable tenancy, which is held on trust by someone until the minor reaches the age of 18 when they will automatically become a tenant.

Will I succeed the tenancy and the same property?

When a succession has taken place, which results in the property being too large, or otherwise unsuitable, the Group may offer a more suitable property.