Making a Difference
to people's lives

Able Living Service

Making sure your home meets your physical needs

We do this by carrying out a complete assessment. We will look at your personal needs, to see if your home meets your needs. If it doesn’t, we can then offer different solutions, such as walk-in showers or handrails, though it may be better to move you to a property that’s got all these extra features already.

Minor changes will be done in accordance with our Local Standards, but bigger changes will be based on what the assessment tells us you need.

What is an adaptation?

An adaptation is a change to your home to help you live more easily and independently. It can also be a change that makes things easier for your family or carer, such as access ramps into your house.

Please note: It is not always possible for changes to be made to everyone’s home; in these cases we’ll help you to find a home suitable for your needs.

What will the Able Living Service do?

We will check your referral and if we need to, we’ll come to visit you and carry out an assessment. We will check:

  • What changes would meet your needs,
  • Whether there are any better ways of meeting your needs,
  • That you get the right information, support and advice,
  • Whether the best answer is to make changes to the home you are living in, or whether an already adapted property would be a better solution,
  • That what we do meets our policy for adaptations.

We will work out how much the proposed changes would cost. Depending on the result, works will either be carried out by our contractors, or we would talk to you about other options.

How to apply?

  • You can call us on 01952 217100,
  • You can call in to one of our shops, where staff will be happy to help you,
  • An Occupational Therapist can apply for you,
  • You can talk to your Retirement Living Co-Ordinator,
  • You can email us at

If you would like an Occupational Therapist to do an assessment, you can contact them on 01952 381280.