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Tenancy Fraud

The Group takes tenancy fraud very seriously. We will actively encourage residents to report suspected tenancy fraud and use the Homecheck scheme to pro-actively identify any fraudulent activity.

When tenancy fraud is identified, the Group will take appropriate and necessary action to recover the property.

What is tenancy fraud?

Not using the property as your sole home, including:

  • Abandoning the property.
  • Succeeding to or assigning the tenancy, without the landlords permission, after the legal tenant has moved out or died.
  • Unlawfully subletting the entire property.
  • Not remaining in occupation of the property (unless you have our written permission not to) until the end of the tenancy or a court order excludes you.

Other examples include:

  • Attempting to obtain a property using false statements, for example, falsely claiming to be homeless.
  • Attempting to obtain a property by using false documents, for example: Using a forged passport or claiming to be someone else in order to access social housing.
  • Failing to disclose a debt owed to the Group or a previous landlord.