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You have the right to transfer your tenancy to someone else living in the same household. This is known as assignment. It is usually only allowed between spouses and partners, but we may allow assignments to other family members in certain circumstances.

If you wish to assign your tenancy, the Group requires a written application including information about the length of continuous residence and the reason for the application.

Reasons you may have to assign your tenancy:

  • You are separating from your partner and a Court has issued a Matrimonial Order saying that the tenancy should be assigned into one party's name;
  • You can no longer continue to function as a tenant, perhaps due to an impairment or disease;
  • If the current tenant leaves the property and someone else moves into the home to look after the tenant's dependent children;
  • The current tenant has to leave the property, then someone who lives there would be entitled to inherit the property if the current tenant died.

Reasons why an assignment can be refused:

  • The tenant has already inherited the property from someone else;
  • You are not a spouse or civil partner of the tenant and have been living in the property for less than 12 months.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information please call into your local Group shop or contact 01952 217100 (please see accessible services for the location of Group shops).