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Chargeable repairs

You could be charged for the following reasons

When we carry out work that is your responsibility, for example changing locks when you lose your keys

When we carry out work that is our responsibility but has been caused by deliberate negligence, accidental damage or faulty appliances

How much will I be charged?
If you request a repair that is your responsibility, we will quote you the standard £50 per repair item. If you accept the quote and request the repair work, payment will be requested in advance. If you decide to use someone other than the Group to carry out the repair, it will be your responsibility and your local housing team will be advised, so that a visit can be arranged to check the work has been carried out.

Please note that if a repair poses a health and safety risk, we have the right to carry out the repair and charge you for it.

The following repairs are your responsibility. If you would like us to do them for you, we will charge you.

  • Repairs needed as a result of your negligence or deliberate damage by you, your household or your visitors.
  • Work needed because alternations you have made do not meet our standards, break regulations or the terms we set when we gave you permission to do them
  • Electrical faults caused by your appliances
  • Letting you into your home or replacing our locks because you have lost or forgotten keys (remember that we do not keep spare keys for your home)
  • If you call us out to an emergency repair that isn’t an emergency – particularly if you have exaggerated the problem to get us to come out to you outside of normal working times
  • Glazing (unless you have a crime number to show that it was caused by vandalism or burglary)
  • Blocked toilets, sinks, bath and waste pipes (when you have caused the blockage).

Please remember that we will inspect your home when your tenancy ends and we will charge you for any repairs or redecoration that are your responsibility.