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If you have a total loss of power

Check that there has not been a power cut, and that you have enough credit on your prepay meter

  • Turn off all circuits if controlled by fuses or miniature circuit breakers (MCBs).
  • Do not remove fuses
  • Reset the trip switch to the ‘on’ position and reset each circuit breaker in turn.
  • If the loss of power is due to a faulty circuit, that circuit breaker switch will ‘trip’ (turn off) when you try to turn it on again. If this happens, or if a fuse has blown, call us immediately on 01952 217217 so that a qualified electrician can repair it for you.

Loss of power to sockets

If your sockets don’t work but other circuits do, it may be because one of your appliances has tripped the trip switch.

  • Unplug all appliances and then follow the second and third steps above
  • If all your circuits come back on, begin plugging your appliances back in one by one
  • If one of your appliances is faulty it will trip the switch again. You will need to repair or replace this appliance
  • If the circuit breaker won’t reset with all appliances unplugged, call us on 01952 217217 as there may be a fault with the circuit.

If the fault is from a shower that was fitted by the Group, it will be our responsibility to maintain it.

If the Group is called out and it is a faulty appliance that is not our responsibility, this will result in a chargeable repair.

How do I replace my bathroom bulb?

  • Turn power off at the consumer board
  • If Screw type – unscrew the screws and pull the cover down. If not twist the cover and pull down.
  • Pull bulb from the base
  • Replace the bulb by pushing the new one into the base
  • Replace the cover
  • Turn back on at consumer board.

Will the Group fit a smoke alarm at my property?

If you do not have a fire alarm fitted at your property, please contact the repairs line on 01952 217217 to let us know. A tradesperson will fit a battery smoke alarm as a temporary measure, until a mains powered smoke alarm has been fitted.