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Fire Safety

Fire safety is one of most important considerations within your home. We are committed to reducing the potential of a fire occurring in our properties and ensuring that there are measures in place to protect people when a fire does happen.

What we do to keep you safe:

  • Carry out an annual Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) on all blocks of flats.
  • Commission service, maintain and test on fire safety systems within a block such as fire alarms, detection, warning, emergency lighting, automatic ventilation systems, dry risers.
  • Routine block inspections
  • Use competent staff and contractors to undertake fire safety work in your home.
  • Use third party accredited fire doors and door sets and ensure that certificated installers fit them.
  • Liaise with the local fire and rescue service to ensure they are familiar with the block and its fire measures.
  • Keep residents informed about fire safety and provide relevant and up-to-date safety information.
  • Fit and maintain fire alarms within your home.

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility. You can help to keep you and your neighbours’ safe by:

  • Keeping corridors clear.
  • You, or your visitors, not propping fire doors open.
  • Taking care when cooking.
  • Never leaving unattended candles burning.
  • Making sure cigarettes are properly extinguished.
  • Not putting flammable materials in communal store cupboards.
  • Not keeping bottled gas canisters inside your home.
  • Taking responsibility for any rubbish and making sure that it is disposed of correctly.
  • Making sure that mobility scooters, bicycles or other items are not left in corridors or anywhere that could prevent a safe exit from your flat.
  • Checking that your front door has a closer arm on it and it is working correctly.
  • Ensuring that you test your smoke alarm weekly.
  • Ensuring that you know your escape routes in case of emergency – and making sure everyone who lives in your home knows them too.
  • Reading the fire action notices in your block.
  • Reporting any fire safety issues immediately to The Wrekin Housing Group by calling 01952 217217.
  • Booking a "safe and well" visit with the fire service.

Additional information can be found on the Fire Service website.