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Some of the queries we get asked the most about fencing.

What am I responsible for?
  • You must provide and maintain any fencing in your front garden, unless it was part of one of our improvement schemes
  • You must repair any damage to your fence caused by you, your household, your visitors or your pets
  • Providing enough secure fencing to prevent your pet causing a nuisance
  • Maintaining your fence, even if we erected it. You should weatherproof your fence regularly (every two or three years) to protect the wood and prolong its life.

You must pay the cost of us removing any fence that you are responsible for, if we think it is a danger to others.

What The Wrekin Housing Group is responsible for:
  • If you have a corner plot bordering a public area, we will provide a rear and side fence and any gates that you need to reach your garden and home. The fence will be 1 metre or 1.8 metres high, depending on where your property is.
  • We will provide a single 1.8 metre high fence panel between your property and your neighbour’s, attached to the back wall, to give you both some privacy.
  • We will erect a post-and-wire fence to mark the boundary rear gardens.
How do I know which fence I am responsible for?

To check whether the fence belongs to you or your neighbour, please contact us on 01952 217100.

What if I want to erect my own fence?

You can erect your own fence or replace the existing fence, as long as you get our written permission and underground plans will need to be checked. We will not unreasonably refuse permission, but you will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the fence.

Front boundary fencing should be no higher than 3ft or 1 metre and coloured brown, dark brown or green. Here are some types of fencing we will approve:

Timber hit and miss Close boarded/featheredge boarded (Concrete post preferred)

Chain-link fencing

Steel bow top

Who is responsible for maintaining hedges and trees?

The maintenance of all hedges, bushes and trees within your boundary will remain the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant wishes to remove their existing boundary and replace it with a suitable alternative, Landlords Permission is required.