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Cold weather information

To prevent condensate pipes freezing in very cold weather, we have fitted devices to a number of properties where condensate pipes froze last year.

Cold weather information

To help you get the most from these new products, we've made a number of short videos which are available to view on YouTube by following the links below.

Trace heaters send a tiny electrical current to the condensate pipe to stop it freezing. Watch our video to learn more about trace heaters.

How to drain off condensate with a boiler buoy

A Boiler Buoy is a bypass valve. If a red ball appears then there is a blockage in the boiler condensate pipe caused by a frozen pipe. The Boiler Buoy allows you to drain off the condensate and keep the boiler working.

How to unfreeze a condensate pipe

Watch this video which explains how to unfreeze a condensate pipe.

We have also prepared a severe weather checklist to give you some ideas on how you can keep your home warm and dry during bad weather.